31 October 2010

Stop Clerical Graft!


Refuse to Pay

A wise man once said, a long time ago,
“All people by nature desire to know”;
Yet, more should be said, for progress to grow:
All claims to be knowledge – what tests say it’s so?

What truth in the claims of creationists
At odds with ideas from top scientists?
What rule proves the “truth” that God even exists?
Did unstable “nothing” yield all that persists?

And what of the claims about heaven and hell?
They seem to be stories that children would tell.
The stories of Gabriel, Emmanuel…
All play on emotions – like detrital smell!

Emotions are certainly helpful to use,
But who doesn’t know how emotions abuse?
A feeling can be a confusing sad ruse
And yet be adopted as trustworthy news!

Emotions can’t answer:  2 added to 2?
But logic can frequently show us what’s true;
Yet, logic is under some huge constraints too,
For logic can’t find information that’s new.

With logic you test what you might just assume;
But logic can’t even begin to illume
The premisses hidden in nothing but fume –
From which any “truth” can be forced to exhume!

Emotion and logic possess their own blight.
There’s only way to get truth in the light.
The method (by which science earned all its might):
Guess, test, and assess if predictions are right!

Please try it yourself:  you say there’s a god?
Predict what would happen.  I dare you.  I prod!
You’ll find as I did, something really quite odd:
That truth in such tests is ridden roughshod!

All clerical "truths" are nothing but lies:
The “proofs” that they claim are what logic denies;
They choose only “truths” that emotionalize;
In turn, each “truth’s” source is what fools fantasize.

No evidence backs any clerical claims,
But lots of it shows all clerics’ true aims:
Exactly reverse from what each one proclaims,
They run the world’s oldest and richest con games!

They tell you:  “Your role is only to serve
A powerful god who will always observe;
At death, he’ll pass judgment on what you deserve;
So, do what we say – and your soul we’ll preserve!”

Far better, know nothing, as Josh Billings said,
Than know what ain’t so.  But people so dread
The con artists’ claims about after they’re dead,
They give up their life and seek death now instead.

Enough with the clerics and games that they play;
We’ll never make progress by going that way.
The “truths” clerics claim just lead people astray;
Stop clerical graft by refusing to pay!


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